Cane Bay Dive Trip – St. Croix, USVI

Last month, my final time in St. Croix with Royal Caribbean, I went on my first dive as a certified Open Water scuba diver. It was a last minute trip and I found out early in the morning that I was confirmed via Shore Excursions on board. It took me awhile to wake up and be 100% mentally ready for this dive. In fact, I even started setting up my regulator backwards once on the boat! Rookie mistake. My scuba instructors definitely gave me a hard time on board when they found out. Luckily, they only pretend to be tough ladies and are teddy bears.

The highlight of the trip was going with the dive shop operators, Cane Bay Dive Shop. They run a first class trip and are a friendly bunch. I felt super comfortable underwater on these two dives – even more so without a wetsuit in 80 degree ocean. We went to two separate locations with the first being a shipwreck offering up a bunch of marine life. The trip was made even more special by meeting some of the guests that were cruising on the Adventure of the Seas. The photo credits go to Andy from Wisconsin with Pharo Marine. Big shout out to George from San Juan, Puerto Rico for his great video documenting our adventures!

Enjoy the footage and thanks for following my Caribbean adventures at Man Travels World!


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