Top 10 Reasons to Work on a Cruise Ship with Royal Caribbean

A quick late night style version of the top 10 reasons to work aboard a cruise ship with Royal Caribbean:

Number 10…Challenging yourself on a 7-month, 7 day work week contract…


Number 9…Living amongst the places people vacation…


Number 8…Experiencing the behind-the-scenes action on board a 3,600 passenger vessel which operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Number 7…Indulging in local food and culture…

Number 6…The chance to learn new adventure sports…



Number 5…Stepping into or out of your comfort zone surrounded by thousands of guests…


Number 4…Stepping back to enjoy the little things in life…

Number 3…Financial savings/debt payoffs…

Financial_RescueNumber 2…A 3-minute commute to the office…


And the number 1 reason to work for Royal Caribbean…TRAVEL!…





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