Ripcord by iFly on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas

Royal Caribbean

Welcome to my world of Ripcord by iFly with Royal Caribbean! For the past six months I have gone through the process of becoming an International Bodyflight Association Level One indoor skydiving instructor and transitioned to my current gig on board the Anthem of the Seas. I earned my certification from iFly’s original tunnel in Orlando, Florida.

What EXACTLY is indoor skydiving?

My daily routine working with Royal Caribbean does vary as “sports staff”, but my main responsibilities revolve around instructing guests how to fly for the very first time inside a wind tunnel. During a typical class we will have 12 students go through a one minute experience in our wind tunnel. As an instructor, it is our duty to provide insight, proper knowledge and a safe environment for everyone. Keep in mind the wind inside is moving anywhere from 80-150 mph!

Here is video of an actual class on the Anthem of the Seas…

For more information about Ripcord by iFly please visit Royal Caribbean. Only three ships in the world give you the ability to fly while cruising, so be sure to refer to RCL’s Quantum Class.