Why I Became an Uber Driver

Coming back to the United States between contracts with Royal Caribbean presents some challenges. Most are highly favorable ones which offer the chance to travel near and far, recharge the batteries after five months at sea, and visit with friends and family. Worthwhile challenges are the chances to eat as much of the food which I have been craving while working on a cruise ship. However, as great as it is to have extended time between contracts, the savings accrued, i.e. why working on a ship is so damn beneficial, can take a hit – big time.

Uber to the rescue.


Since returning from work on the Anthem of the Seas and before beginning work on the Ovation of the Seas in June I was thinking about earning a buck or two while home for three months. After all it is one thing to save up money for vacation and long-term savings, and another to spend it all on vacation and have nothing left to show for it.

As of today I am now a part-time Uber driver back home. Long-term I hope that the benefits will outweigh the cost of a car and the expenses with owning one. Quick shout out to Dave Ramsey as I bought this vehicle cash! Overall, it is liberating to be free to earn cash on my own time and become my own boss even if it is part-time.


  • Earning that supplemental moolah! 
  • Ability to set own schedule 
  • Exploring new parts of my home city
  • Networking with riders


  • Increased mileage on vehicle
  • Lower wages depending on surge pricing
  • Additional costs for insurance, gas, maintenance

Before signing up as an Uber driver I tried speaking with as many drivers as possible. I learned a lot just having small chats with people as I was riding along. For the most part everything I heard was positive and reinforced my thoughts in becoming a partner. Generally, most Uber drivers are working part-time and use the cash as supplemental income. There are those that work around their schedules as students, grind on the weekends during prime hours to earn extra cash, and people which even pay their mortgage, utilities, etc. I can now throw myself into the mix as I drive part-time over the next two months. Time to pad that savings account, or perhaps, rather, soften the blow before going back to earning money as an iFly instructor with Royal Caribbean.

If you are interested in becoming an Uber driver in the Atlanta area please use the code below to earn some cold hard cash. This code also works in other cities too!

Uber Driver Referral Code: JULIANA2841UE


Are you currently a driver for Uber? Have questions about signing up? Please comment below or send an email to mantravelsworld@gmail.com for more information.


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