Pack a Bag and Go! Traveling is Easy.

To travel is one of the easiest, yet most frightening ideas out there. Honestly, it scares the bejesus out of us. But how simple is it to grab a backpack, fill it with two days of clothes and hop in the car or on a plane and light out to a new locale? People come up with all kinds of excuses (myself included) to avoid these potentially life-altering travel experiences. And in our socially charged technological landscape, becoming instafamous and assuming a been there, done that mentality has saturated the basic goal of travel itself.

If you are debating a weekend road trip, backpacking around Asia, or thinking about a long-term shake up overseas, the truth can often be what everyone doesn’t want to hear – travel is often so simple.

Most Common Roadblocks

  1. Time: Minimal vacation (especially if from the United States), family matters, other priorities.
  2. Money: rent, car payments, mortgages, shiny toys.
  3. Anxiety (the unknown): One of my favorite quotes, “Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all.” This world is huge and we are mortal beings (for now).

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5 Tips to Pack a Bag and Go!

  1. Get inspired! Read a book, watch a film/tv show, or visit a local outdoor store to pique your interest. Since the early days of Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, I have always been inspired by Anthony Bourdain and the Emmy award-winning film crew at Zero Point Zero Productions.
  2. Pick a location/interest. Plan a trip to a concert, snowboarding trip, food destination.
  3. Save some scrilla. Sell those shiny toys or hustle side jobs to earn extra cash.
  4. Set a goal. No matter if it’s an actual date or a permanent idea. Ex) Traveling to all continents by age 30 (my goal!).
  5. Take the plunge and book the trip! The dream starts to become a reality. 


Share some of your travel adventures in the comments section! I am not instafamous but follow me on Instagram @ManTravelsWorld.

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